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Microsoft365 External Sharing Feature

Microsoft 365, the suite of productivity tools from Microsoft, allows users to collaborate and share documents with external users through the use of sharing links. This feature, called external sharing, allows people outside of an organization to access and collaborate on documents, without the need for them to have a Microsoft 365 account.

External sharing can be controlled through the use of sharing policies. These policies allow administrators to set the level of access that external users have to documents, and to specify the types of documents that can be shared. For example, an administrator can allow external users to view, but not edit, documents, or can prevent the sharing of sensitive information.

When a user shares a document with an external user, they are given a sharing link. This link can be sent to the external user via email, and when clicked, will take them to the document where they can view or edit it, depending on the level of access granted.

One important feature of external sharing is the ability for the owner of a document to revoke access at any time. This means that if a document is shared with an external user and they should no longer have access to it, the owner can revoke the sharing link, effectively cutting off access to the document.

Microsoft 365 also allows for the creation of guest links. Guest links allow external users to access documents and collaborate with members of an organization, without the need for a Microsoft 365 account. Guest links can be created by any member of an organization and can be used to share documents with anyone, even if they do not have a Microsoft 365 account.

Overall, external sharing in Microsoft 365 is a powerful tool that allows organizations to collaborate with external partners, customers, and clients. With a variety of controls and options available, administrators can ensure that the right level of access is granted to the right people, and that sensitive information is protected.

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