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About Evox365

Leveraging a profound expertise across IT, digital transformation, and cloud-based solutions, the visionary behind Evox365 recognized a critical need within the small and midsize business (SMB) sector for accessible, cutting-edge technology. Evox365 emerged from a clear vision to democratize advanced technological solutions for SMBs, making them affordable and within reach for businesses that traditionally lacked the resources to exploit such innovations. The visionary's extensive experience, encompassing roles from SharePoint and M365 consulting to leadership in Microsoft Azure AI, SharePoint development, and cloud cost optimization, illuminated the transformative potential for SMBs equipped with the right technological support and tools.

Evox365's ascent in the industry was meteoric, propelled by its unique proposition to fulfill the underserved needs of SMBs through customized IT services. The firm's suite of offerings, tailored specifically for the SMB market—including comprehensive IT management solutions, strategic cost-saving approaches, and efficient low-code development tools—has struck a chord with an audience eager for technological empowerment. By integrating the latest AI technologies and cloud solutions with a focus on customer needs, Evox365 has established itself as a pivotal force for SMBs aiming to boost their operational efficiency and competitive stance. This swift growth is a tribute to the vision and acumen of the founding visionary, the collective expertise of the Evox365 team, and the undeniable impact of aligning SMBs with avant-garde technological advancements.

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To empower Small and Midsize Businesses with affordable and innovative digital solutions, enhancing their operational efficiency and competitive edge.


Evox365 aspires to revolutionize the landscape for small and medium-sized businesses by being the leading provider of accessible, cutting-edge digital solutions. Our vision is to enable every SMB to transcend traditional operational limitations, harnessing the power of innovation to achieve unparalleled efficiency and establish a dominant competitive edge in the global marketplace. Through our commitment to affordability and technological excellence, we aim to empower SMBs to not only navigate the digital future but to define it.

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