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Why Choose EVOX365 Consulting?


At evox365, we stand distinct in the realm of IT solutions. While refraining from grandiosity, we acknowledge the wealth of remarkable IT service providers. Our forte lies in three pillars: Managed Services, Cloud Expertise, and SMB-tailored AI. We decode your digital needs, delivering precise solutions, sparing you wasteful expenditure. As your judicious navigator in the digital journey, evox365 ensures streamlined and purposeful technological evolution.


At evox365, clarity in IT service costs is paramount. While similar claims may resonate from other MSPs, our distinction lies in directness. Your interactions are solely with technical experts who share your disdain for ambiguous pricing. We pledge an absence of "ifs" and "buts" – just straightforward, transparent costs. Your investment with us is a partnership founded on trust and candidness, ensuring a seamless journey through the intricacies of IT services without unwelcome surprises.


We want to ensure that our clients get the most out of Microsoft technologies, including SharePoint, Teams, VIVA, and Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate). Our global team has been helping the clients throughout their digital transformation journey of discovery, implementation, and adoption phases with its Microsoft 365 services and products for years.


We are bringing together the best of the best in M365 to help our customers with their collaboration, App development and other cloud needs. With over 20 M365 collaboration Apps experts, 15 Power Platform Developers, and close to 30 Data & AI experts, we will ensure that our customers receive world-class service and support. 


Work Hours? Since we work seven days a week, we do not have a predefined schedule. Would you like to meet on Saturday? Do you have a project that needs to be completed by Sunday? We will be there to support you. We pride ourselves on managing a well-balanced ecosystem of partners and experts so that you can trust us 365 days a year.


Due to the extensive partner ecosystem, we have built, we are confident that we can address most of your challenges and offer you the best products and services. 


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