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Evox365 Smart and affordable IT Solutions
for Your Industry

For small and medium-sized companies in Massachusetts and neighboring states, Evox365 provides customized IT solutions to address specific challenges.


  • Pain Point: Secure, efficient patient data management.

  • Financial Implications: Risks of data breach penalties affecting revenue.

  • Evox365 Solution: Tailored Microsoft cloud security and data management.

Financial Services

  • Pain Point: Navigating complex compliance requirements.

  • Financial Implications: Legal liabilities, customer trust issues.

  • Evox365 Solution: Simplified, scalable Microsoft cloud compliance tools.


  • Pain Point: Enhancing digital learning resources.

  • Financial Implications: Efficient budget allocation in digital tools.

  • Evox365 Solution: Cost-effective Microsoft cloud educational tools.

Energy & Utilities

  • Pain Point: Resource and operational management.

  • Financial Implications: Increased operational costs, revenue loss.

  • Evox365 Solution: Microsoft cloud solutions for resource optimization.

Non- Profit

  • Pain Point: Budget and tech limitations.

  • Financial Implications: Strained fundraising, operational budget.

  • Evox365 Solution: Affordable Microsoft cloud collaboration tools.


  • Pain Point: Secure data and client management.

  • Financial Implications: Client retention and operational costs.

  • Evox365 Solution: Secure, efficient Microsoft cloud legal solutions.

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