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7 Reasons Why December is the Worst Time to Switch Your MSP


December, with its festive cheer and end-of-year rush, is a time when businesses are winding down and gearing up for the new year. While it may seem like a good time to make significant changes, such as switching your Managed Service Provider (MSP), this could actually be counterproductive. Here are seven compelling reasons why December is the worst time for such a transition.

1. Holiday Season Disruptions

December is synonymous with holidays and reduced workforce availability. Many employees take leave during this period, which means your in-house team and the team at your prospective MSP might not be operating at full strength. This reduced capacity can lead to delays and a lack of proper oversight during the transition.

2. End-of-Year Financial Close

For many businesses, December is crucial for year-end financial closing. Introducing a new MSP during this critical period can lead to disruptions in financial processes. The last thing any business wants is a technical mishap or a miscommunication affecting their financial reporting.

3. Technical Staff Overload

The end of the year is often a busy time for technical staff. They are wrapping up projects, performing year-end maintenance, and preparing for the upcoming year. Adding an MSP transition to their workload can overwhelm your IT department, leading to burnout and increased risk of errors.

4. Integration Challenges

Switching to a new MSP involves integrating their systems with your existing infrastructure. This process requires time and careful planning. During December, when businesses are operating on a holiday schedule, there might not be enough time or resources available to ensure a smooth integration.

5. Training and Adaptation

Adopting a new MSP means learning new processes and systems. Training your team during the hectic holiday season can be less effective, as employees might be preoccupied with year-end tasks or holiday plans. This rushed adaptation can lead to misunderstandings and inefficiencies.

6. Potential Downtime Risks

Any MSP transition involves a certain degree of risk, including potential downtime. During December, when customer demand can be high, especially in retail and service industries, experiencing downtime can be particularly damaging to your business’s reputation and revenues.

7. Missed Opportunities for Strategic Planning

The start of a new year is a time for strategic planning. Switching your MSP in December can distract from this important activity. It's better to enter the new year with a stable IT environment and focus on strategic goals rather than dealing with the immediate challenges of an MSP transition.


In summary, while change is essential for growth and improvement, timing is key. Switching your MSP in December can bring more challenges than benefits. It is advisable to plan such transitions for a more stable period, where full attention and resources can be dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful switch. By waiting, you can start the new year with a strong, well-planned partnership with your new MSP.

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